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Liner Pricing  Small (1 Year)  Medium (2 Year)   Large (3 Years)  XL (4+ Years)
 Hybrid  $6.00  $8.00  $12.00  TBD
 Species  $7.50  $9.50  $13.50  TBD
 Azalea  $5.00  $7.00  $9.00  TBD
 Tender Rhododendron  $7.50  $9.50  $13.50  TBD
 Other  $6.00  $8.00  $12.00  TBD
 Deciduous Azalea  $6.00  $8.00  $12.00  TBD

                                Rooted Cuttings

Rooted cuttings are available for preorder only; orders should be placed by November 1st.

Any plant on the stock/availability list is available as a rooted cutting. Rhododendron cuttings are rooted over the winter. Deciduous azaleas are rooted over the summer and Vireyas can be rooted anytime of the year.  

 Rooted Cutting Pricing  Spring Shipping  Fall Shipping Yearling   Each Additional Season After
 Hybrid  $2.50  $3.00  $4.00  $.50
 Species  $3.50  $4.00  $5.00  $.50
 Azaleas  $2.00  $2.50  $3.50  $.50
 Tender Rhododendron  $3.50  $4.00  $5.00  $.50
 Deciduous Azalea  $3.00  $3.50  $4.50  $.50
 Other  TBD  TBD  TBD  TBD

 * ARS/ASA members and wholesale buyers will receive a $0.50 per plant discount. Orders of 30+ plants qualify as wholesale. Quantities of 5+ of one variety will automatically be reduced to wholesale price. Please include ARS/ASA status in your order to receive discounts.

XL plants are typically too large to ship and are available for pick up only. Arrangements can be made to ship XL plants but they may be expensive.

If you would like to be notified when new availability lists are ready subscribe to our newsletter. Rooted cutting orders can be sent to vanveennursery@hotmail.comWe happily accept payment via phone or email in the form of check or credit card (Visa or Mastercard). Kathy would also like to make it known that we accept payment in the form of Dark Chocolate as well.....hint hint. 

Pickles in the garden, going for his glamour shot!

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