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Custom Propagation

Send us your cuttings!  If you have a favorite or special rhododendron--species, hybrid, maddenia, vireya, or evergreen azalea that you would like propagated, this is the service for you! Van Veen Nursery has been offering this unique service to gardeners and growers alike for many years--we are happy to root just a few or a few hundred cuttings. We charge only for the successfully rooted cuttings and return all plants to the sender - none are retained for sale or to add to our stock plants. 

Browse our stock plant list!
 We have over 2,000 unique varieties from which to choose.  
We can propagate non-rhododendron plants as well. Make sure to inquire about specific plants before sending as some require a formal inspection. Local extension offices will have information on quarantined  plants and inspection processes.

                                              Taking Cuttings

  • Cuttings should be taken from healthy plants on the current years growth from September through November. They should be long enough to enable us to trim back the leaves to one or two whorls. 
  • For larger varieties leave three inches of new growth to insert into the media.  
  • For smaller leaved varieties and azaleas leave as much new growth as possible.
  • Please do not trim the leaves as this may allow bacteria to damage the plant during shipping!

Packing and Shipping

  • Use zip-seal bags when sending cuttings, one variety per bag. Split large groups of the same variety into several smaller bags to prevent contamination.
  • Make sure to label each bag and remember that this is how they will be planted and returned to you. 
  • Put a small amount of water in the bag and then pour all the water out, leaving only drops stuck to the sides of the bag. The object is to keep the air moist, but too much water can damage the cuttings. 
  • Be sure to leave some air inside the sealed bag for cushioning and so the plants can breathe.
  • Rooted cuttings are typically shipped out around the first of Spring after their arrival. However, especially dark and cold winters can prolong the rooting process and cuttings are shipped in the following Fall or Spring.
  • If some cuttings remain unrooted we ship back what has rooted and provide the option to 'reset' the partially unrooted cuttings for shipping at a later date.

Shipping Info

Priority Mail via USPS:

Van Veen Nursery
PO BOX 86424
Portland, Oregon 97286

UPS or FedEx 3-day:

Van Veen Nursery
4201 SE Franklin Street
Portland, Oregon 97206

Please let us know they're coming and we'll eagerly await their arrival!

Regrettably, import restrictions mean that this service is currently only available to customers in US and Canada in areas certified P. ramorum free, unless accompanied by an inspection certificate. If you have questions, please call us at 503-777-1734.
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